Welcome to Job One. We serve those in the area who are having difficulty getting or keeping employment. We offer employers a variety of services to enhance the productivity of their employees. And we work to provide a well qualified workforce to the employers of our community.

Mission Statement

The JOB ONE mission is to develop and support the sustained, gainful employment of a qualified workforce to meet the employment-related needs of this community.

What We Do

JOB ONE plays a significant role, in partnership with the JOB ONE Onestop employment resource center by serving as El Dorado County’s OneStop Employment Source, and as the public relations arm of the OneStop. Specifically, JOB ONE acts as a unique portal for collaboration and two-way exchange of information between the public sector and private businesses within the county. JOB ONE, as a 501(c)(3) organization, mobilizes resources and funds through the creation and support of direct service programs throughout El Dorado County.

How does JOB ONE help the local Community?

JOB ONE collaborates with local Government Agencies and groups to provide key programs, here are just a few:

PRO-Teens: Recently, PRO-Teens brought their program to the JOB ONE site. At-Risk Youth referred from several agencies are put through a six-week job readiness curriculum through ROP. PRO-Teens is an Employer based program that affords selected high school students the opportunity to learn about how to get and keep a job directly from employers themselves. Through JOB ONE’s relationship with Golden Sierra, and their youth services component, teens who could benefit from the Pro-Teens program were selected. JOB ONE is the fiscal agent for ProTeens and three members of our board are key participants in the phenomenal program – Output Technology Solutions, Blue Ribbon Temporary Services, Marshall Hospital, and the Mountain Democrat.

FAMILY LOAN PROGRAM: JOB ONE has assisted the Department of Social Services in partnering with Community Services to establish the Family Loan Program. This program makes available funds for those on welfare or recently off welfare, to get low interest loans. These loans will be primarily issued to repair or purchase cars so individuals can get to their jobs. This program will also help give them the opportunity to improve their credit rating since it is a repayable loan.

SUIT UP FOR SUCCESS and FIRST IMPRESSIONS: JOB ONE teamed with the Placerville Soroptimists to establish a professional Clothes Closet, Suit Up for Success, where local women have an opportunity to select business attire. JOB ONE is also the coordinator of the weekly First Impressions brown bag lunch. Where local women receive advice and tips to enhance their business image.

How does JOB ONE promote its mission?

JOB ONE maintains a highly visible community presence through public speaking engagements, various public relations programs and outreach efforts.

Specific marketing of JOB ONE’s value to the community is done through: The Employer Solutions newsletter, JOB ONE web site, public speaking engagements and business community participation, trade shows, OneStop tours, chamber and service club membership, and press coverage. All this has resulted in greater name recognition and visibility for JOB ONE and the OneStop in this community.