JOB ONE is a collaboration between the public and private sectors throughout the area to bring about a comprehensive, integrated approach that responds to employment needs of all of our citizens. There are many places to work and lots of employeers looking for good employees!

Internet Job Listings

Stop by and search for a job on the internet. We have several computers dedicated to CalJOBS plus you can access other internet job services too. If you’ve never worked a “mouse”, never fear, our friendly staff will assist you. Just sign in and get started. JOB ONE OneStop Employment Resource Center is here to serve you.

Employment and Training Reference Materials

Need more information on writing a resume? Want to find out what occupations are growing and which are not? Pull a book or video from our resource library and have a seat. We also have resume-writing software for you to put together your own job-winning resume. Classes in the basics of job search and new job retention are offered frequently – and there is no fee to take these ½ day classes.

Job Referrals

You may qualify for more intensive help with your job search. Fill out our short intake form when you arrive and we’ll see if we can point you in the right direction. Also, employers call JOB ONE and tell us about jobs. Sometimes, the flyer we just typed up and put in the resource center, the job that didn’t get on CalJOBS yet, will be the perfect job for you.

Referrals to Other Community Services

Though there isn’t a building big enough in the area to house all the community services there are but we do our best to refer you to the appropriate agency. Should you have a special need such as; child care, alcoholism, rehabilitation, domestic violence, low-cost housing (to name a few), check with the receptionist or use our internet site at We’re currently building a web-site where you can do your own search for services you and your family may need.

Internet Resume Postings

Use CalJOBS to post your resume so employers can find YOU.


Should you qualify, you may be eligible for assessment testing that will assist you in uncovering or verifying vocational choices.

Access to Computer, Fax Machine, Phone Bank

Use our computers to write a resume or improve your keyboarding skills. JOB ONE OneStop Employment Services also has a fax machine and copier you can use to send your resume to employers. Call about that job or make an appointment for an interview using phones located in the Job-Seeker Resource Center.

Short-Term Job Training

Should you qualify, you may be eligible for short-term vocational training.

Labor Market Information

Do some research on whether the jobs you’re targeting are declining or growing in number.

Unemployment and Disability Insurance Information

Though all unemployment is filed by phone, at JOB ONE OneStop Employment Resource Center, you can use our direct line to the Employment Development Department (EDD).

Coaching and Mentoring

More intensive services may be available to you if you are: a veteran, an older adult or a CalWORKs recipient. Check with the JOB ONE OneStop Resource Center staff.