No Cost CalJOBS Listings

CalJOBS, maintained by Employment Development Department, is a valuable tool employers can use to find qualified applicants. In these times of low unemployment in our county, CalJOBS assists you in reaching a larger pool of applicants. Over 4000 people each month are looking at jobs located in El Dorado County using the internet service

Who can use CalJOBS?

Employers with a California Tax Account Number can use CalJOBS

Employers can have EDD list their job openings for you by calling Placerville EDD at 530-642-5505 or South Lake Tahoe EDD at 530-543-6740. If you have a personal computer at home, you can place those orders directly into CalJOBS by using the address:
By using the Internet, employers can place job orders anytime, day or night.
Employers can review resumes and locate qulified applicants, then contact them directly to set up interviews.
Job orders can be placed, modified, or closed from the employer’s personal computer.
List more information concerning your job opening on CalJOBS than you normally would in a standard classified advertisement.
You can keep the order listed until filled or until you cancel it.
Use CalJOBS the next time you have a job available!

Internet Access

Search for information you need on the internet, even if you don’t have internet access at your business. Stop by 4535 Missouri Station, Ste. 1A or in South Lake Tahoe, 1029 Takela Drive, Suite 4.
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Database for Job Seekers

Employers can review resumes and located qualified applicants, then contact them directly to set up interviews. Access these applicants after registering on CalJOBS and fill your positions from your office, from your home or stop by our South Lake Tahoe or Placerville office.

Employer Resource Library

Browse the internet, use our California State employer informational pamphlets or use our California Chamber of Commerce software to:

Research workforce related information
Assemble an employee manual, a safety plan or locate other workplace forms
Spend some time in our library or check out a book on issues such as hiring, firing and employee retention.

Advertising & Pre-screening

JOB ONE will work with you to located the most qualified candidates. In some cases, we can assist you by advertising in local newspapers and pre-screening applicants.

Referral Service for Job Applicants

JOB ONE brings together Employment Development Department of the State of California, Golden Sierra Job Training, Department of Social Services and JOB ONE Employer Services, all at one location. Do you have a job that needs to be filled? By calling JOB ONE and listing your jobs on CalJOBS, we can work closely with area employers to point job candidates in your direction.
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Workshops and Seminars

JOB ONE conducts workforce-related seminars for employers. See our events calendar for the next seminar in your area.

Remember, candidates coming through JOB ONE workshops on Job Search, Resume Writing, Interviewing, Assessment and New Job Retention will be easier for you to interview. They’ll understand what information you’re looking for when you ask them questions about their qualifications.

Labor Market Information

Check out our links at and visit the EDD web site. It’s a great source of information on what’s new with state laws and regulations plus you’ll get a good snapshot of how the labor market looks in your area.

Downsizing/Lay-off Assistance

Our action team will come to your location in a downsizing or lay-off situation. JOB ONE will assist you with helping your laid-off employee through access to unemployment information, skills to put together a resume to get their next job, and to determine whether they may be eligible for other services or re-training.

Interview Facilities

If you prefer to interview at an off-site location, use JOB ONE. We can accommodate small or larger numbers of applicants.

Meeting Facilities

Have you been looking for an off-site meeting location? JOB ONE is open Monday – Friday from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Our larger workshops can accommodate up to 25 people. Call our main number at 642-5505 to check on room availability.

Employment Tax Credit Information

Check with your local JOB ONE office and ask to talk to someone in EDD about the Work Opportunity Credit or Welfare-to-Work Tax Credit. This program is periodically reviewed and a decision made to extend. You may qualify for an employer tax credit of up to $8500 if the employee is a member of a designated target group.

On-the-Job training programs can also benefit employers by placing job seekers, eager to learn new skills with an employer who is willing to train. Call JOB ONE and ask to speak to someone from Golden Sierra Job Training.

Fidelity Bonding (State Program)

Certain designated groups are eligible for fidelity bonding. Check with JOB ONE and ask to speak to someone from Golden Sierra Job Training.